Gimme Some Glue

by Glue Monsters

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We make up these songs as we go along. Sometimes it will take two or three takes for the lyrics - when we go way out of bounds!


released October 31, 2012

All songs written by Erik Jurado



all rights reserved


Glue Monsters Redondo Beach, California

We do like to drink, so we're not responsible for anything that anyone breaks while listening to us. Grow up man, and take responsibility for your own reactions to our tunes man. Hahahahaha, you should of seen the looks on your faces when you were reading that! HAHAHAHAHA!! ... more

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Track Name: Won't Take Me Away
Yeah Baby That’s Right
Here We Are
The Glue Monsters
Yeah Baby
They Want To Take Me Away
They Don’t Have Nothing To Say
You Can’t Take Me
You Won’t Take Me
I’ll Never Let You Take Me Alive

You Won’t Take Me Away
Haha Cause I Know Karate
I’ve Been Watching Some Bruce Lee Movies Baby
Watch This Yaahhhh Haha Yeah They Won’t Take Me
Yaahhhh They Won’t Take Me Nowhere Haha Yeah

I Know I’m Crazy Sometimes Baby
I’m Crazy For You
Gonna Stick To You Like Glue Baby Like Glue
That’s Right Baby I’m Not Just Going Outta My Mind
They Gonna Come Down And Pick Me Up Sometime
But It Won’t Be Today
Ha Ha Yeah
Wowwww Crazy
I’m Crazy
Outta My Mind
But I’m Feeling Fine
All Messed Up On Your Wine
I Wanted To Thank You Baby About That Too
That Was Very Real Nice Of You
Letting Me Break Into Your Mama’s Liquor Cabinet
Ha Ha Yeah

They Want To Put Me Away
Not Today Baby Not Today

There’s A Kitty Cat In The House
Kitty Cat’s Gonna Chase A Mouse
And I Know Why
Cause He Just Wants To Play
I Feel The Same Way
Come Here Baby Let Me See Your Kitty Cat
Ha Ha Ha Ha Yeah
Track Name: Loud As We Wanna Be
Ha Ha Yeah
You Got The Glue Monsters Here Again
Well Our Next Door Neighbors
Just Told Us To Turn Down Our Music
So We Turned It Up Real Loud
To Do This Song For You
So You Can Hear All About It Ha Ha Yeah
They’re Gonna Find Out The Hard Way
What The Glue Monsters Are All About Ha
Let’s Go

We’ll Be As Loud As We Wanna Be
You Don’t Like It Move To Another Street
Don’t Ask Again Or You’re Gonna Meet
You’re Gonna Meet My Drummer
And He Won’t Be Nice Haha
And He’ll Make Your Life A Bummer
Maybe You Oughta Think Twice I Would

We’ll Be As Loud As We Wanna Be
You Call The Cops And You Call Us Freaks
So Why Should We Even Care
I Think You’re Old And Kinda Square
We’ve Even Seen You In Your Underwear Ha
Yeah That’s Right 
I’m Talking To You Next Door Neighbors
Oh That’s Really Gonna Get Em Going Now

We’re Still As Loud As We Always Were
We’ll Never Change And That’s For Sure
You Don’t Like It Here’s Advice For You
Why Don’t You Come And Get Some Glue
Ha Ha Yeah That Was Good
I Wasn’t Expecting That It Just Came To Me

Wait I’m Gonna Play The Guitar For Them Real Quick
Turn It Up Real Loud
Yeah You Hear That Haha
How You Like That Guitar Next Door Neighbors Ha Ha
Oh Yeah They Like It Ha Ha I Know I Would Yeah
Okay Here We Go Last Verse

We’ll Be As Loud As We Wanna Be
You Don’t Like It Move To Sesame Street
Why’d You Even Bring It Up
You Don’t Like It You Can Kiss My Butt
Hahahahaha I Can’t Believe I Just Said That 
Hahaha Oh That Was Fun

I Guess They Get The Message
That We Ain’t Gonna Be Shutting Up Anytime Soon
You Got That Next Door Neighbors Hahaha
Yeah They Got It

All Right It’s The End Of The Song
I Wanna Thank The Next Door Neighbors
For Telling Us To Shut Up
Thank You Next Door Neighbors 
Ha Ha Ha Yeah Aww Man
I Wanna Thank Y’all For Listening
And We’ll See You Next Time

Say Goodbye Drummer
Ha Ha I Can’t Believe He Said Goodbye
Usually He’s Real Shy 
But He’s Real Good On The Drums
We’ll See You Next Time
Aww Man That’s Some Good Drumming
Track Name: Get Away From Me Dude
Hey Out There It’s Glue Monsters Again
How Ya Doing Haha Yeah
I’m Sure You’re Doing Fine

Anyways Me And Drummer Are Sitting Around
Talking About Losing Our Tempers Telling Stories
Man You Gotta Hear Some Of His Stories Hahaha
I Don’t See How This Guy’s Outta Jail
You Know What I’m Saying
Right Drummer
That Guy Cracks Me Up When He’s Mad
Anyways A Song About Losing Your Temper
We All Do It
Some Of Us Do It Better Than Others
Right Drummer

Haha It Cracks Me Up Every Time
Anyways Here We Go
A Song About Losing Your Temper

Get Away From Me
I’m Not In The Mood
Don’t Come Around Me Right Now
Get Away From Me Dude
Haha That’s A Cool Rhyme Huh Drummer

Stay Away From Me Right Now Maybe Tomorrow
Or Find Yourself In A World Of Sorrow You Will

My Drummer Come Around Your House
To See If You’re Home
And If You Are
He’s Knocking Your Dome

I’ve Seen Him Do It Too Man
He’s Bad He’s A Mad Man
Man You Shoulda Seen Him The Other Night
He Had These Three Guys In A Headlock
And He Was Like Rubbing There Heads All Together
It Was Like A Three Stooges Marathon
He Did That For Like Ten Minutes
Then The Cops Came We Had To Run Off
That Was Fun
But I’m Telling You Man That Guy Is Crazy
Where Were We Yeah

I Don’t Like How You’ve Been Around Me
When You’re Straight
You Act Like A Sticks Up Your Butt
You Act Like You’re Great

Man You Ain’t Great Haha
You Just Think You Are
Man Cause You Don’t Drink And Stuff
When We’re All
Man Why Don’t You Come On Down And Party With Us
It’s Like
No I Gotta Go To Work Tomorrow
It’s Like
Man What’s With The Job Man
Why Don’t You Quit That Thing Man
You Don’t Get To Party No More Like The Old Days
Then You’re All
Oh Man I Got A Family
It’s Like
Oh Man What’s That About
I Got A Family
I Got A Family
You Don’t See Me Hanging Out With Them
Hahaha Yeah

Man After A Conversation Like That
How Can You Not Be Mad Man
Some People You Just Can’t Reason With
Well You Know

Don’t Make Me Have To Tell You Again
Or The Next Time You See Me It’ll Be In The Pen
But I Know Some People There Too So That’s Cool
I Just Don’t Wanna See Them Again
For A Little While Anyways
Not Until I’m Real Old Like 95 Or Something
Like I Was Like They Say You Got A Month To Live
And I Was Like Okay I’ll Go Visit My Friends In The Pen
That’s More Like When I’ll See Ya
Track Name: That's Not My Kid
Hahaha Yeah Glue Monsters Here
How Are You Doing
You Miss Us Haha
I Bet You Do
Say Hello Drummer Hahaha
Drummers Waving Oh Man
That Drummer’s Funny Man
You Oughta Hang Out With Us Sometime Man
You’ll Be Laughing Your Butt Off All Day Long 
Around Drummer Hahaha I Know I Do 
Hahaha Yeah

Anyways Me And Drummer Were Walking 
Down The Street Right Now 
And Man We Saw My Old Girlfriend Man
She Was Looking Good Man 
Except For One Thing
She Had This Kid On Her Hand
Man It’s Like What Is That
We Got Closer And It Looked Like Me
Oh Man Oh Baby

That’s Not My Kid Haha
No It’s Not Man I Can’t Be Having No Kid Now
Hahaha Ah Baby
I Got Six Words For You
That’s Not My Kid Hahaha Yeah Baby Haha Oh

I Tell Drummer I Say Man I’m Outta Here
I Jumped In The Bushes Man
Man I Got All Dirty
I’m All Covered In Foxtails And Spider Webs
I Even I Think I Even Sat On An Anthill
Haha Oh Man That Was That Stung Haha
Oh Man I Still It Still Hurts When I Sit Down Hahaha

Oh But Anyways Man She Looks In The Bushes
And She’s All I Can See You In The Bushes
You’re All Screaming And Stuff Haha
I’m All Man I Didn’t Think You Could See Me
In Here Hahaha
Ah Man She Goes She Says You Know What I Need
I Got Something To Say To You 
I Say I’m I Got Something To Say To You First Baby
That’s Not My Kid Hahaha Ah Man That Was Funny
I’m All Telling Her I Say Hey Baby
I Told Her Six Words Huh Didn’t I Drummer
Yeah He Said Yeah That’s Not My Kid

Hahaha Yeah Baby Oh And She Said Nah
I Was Gonna Tell You That I Know
That You’re In The Glue Monsters
Cause This Little Kid Told Me
And He Was Going To Take Me To Your House
And I Was Going To Get Back Together With You
And I Was Going To Take You Back
And I Said Yeah Baby That’s Right
I Am The Glue Monsters Man Me And Drummer
Said Nah I Said Ah That’s Good Man
I Wanna Get Back Together With You Too Man
You’re Looking Good And She Said Wait A Minute
No No That Was Before I Found Out
You Were Going To Jump In The Bushes
If You Knew It Was Your Kid
Now I See How You Are I’m Outta Here

And She Turned Around And Walked Away Man
That Looked Good Walking Away But Still Man
I Had To Let Her Go Because I Was Just Happy
That That Wasn’t My Kid Ah Man 
You Know What I’m Saying

Yeah That’s Not My Kid Hahaha Oh Man
That Still Brings A Smile To My Face
Just The Fact That’s Not My Kid Hahaha
I Still Think Of That Booty Walking Away Too Though Hahaha
Track Name: Come On By
Haha Glue Monsters Here
How Are You Doing Hope You’re Doing Fine
Yeah We’re Doing All Right Man
We’re Gonna Do A Fast One For You Today Man
We’re Gonna Do It About Friends
About How They Like To Come By And Party
So Here We Go Hope You Like It
Here We Go Ha

My Friends They Like To Party
They Come By All The Time
Yeah They Do Huh Drummer
They Like To Drink A Lot
That’s Okay Cause So Do I Haha Yeah

So Come On By
Anytime Baby
So Come On By
Yeah What Do You Think Drummer
Pretty Good Huh Yeah
All Right Here’s The Next Verse Man

It Could Be Early Morning
It Could Be Late Afternoon
Man I Said Any Time Haha
Don’t Care If It’s The Middle Of The Night
It’s Not Too Late Or Too Soon
Haha Drummer You Hear That That Was Cool Man Huh

Don’t Mind If You Bring Your Sister
You Can Even Bring Your Mother Too
Haha Yeah Huh Drummer
Don’t Mind If You Bring Your Brother
Tell Him We Could Always Use Some Glue
Haha Yeah

Come On By
Don’t Be Shy
Come On By
If We’re Asleep We’ll Wake Up For You Baby
Come On By
Any Time
Come On By

Nah Man I Don’t Wanna Solo Right Now Man
I’m Having Too Much Fun Singing
You Know What I Mean Haha
Ah Man You Threw Me Off Man
Guitars And Drums Always Sound So Good
Right Drummer

He’s Not Even Paying Attention Right Now
It’s All Sticks And Hair Man
Sticks And Hair Flying Around Haha
Like A Wild Thing Man Haha
I Forgot Where We Were At In The Song
Oh All Right Here We Go

It’s Like The Fourth Of July
We Treat Every Day Like It’s The Fourth Of July
But The Whole Point Is To Come On By
So Come On By
That’s All We’re Getting At
Come On By
Yeah Come On By
Yeah I Think I’m Gonna Try That Guitar Solo Now
If You Don’t Mind
All Right Here We Go Haha

Ah Yeah
Haha This Is Fun Man
I Should Have Taken That Solo Earlier
Haha Man What Am I Doing
All Right Man Let’s Get Back To The Song All Right

Come On By
Hey Drummer Man
When I Was Doing That Solo
I Got An Urgent Call To Bring Out The Fire Hose
So Let’s End This Thing Man
Someone Dialed 911 For An Inferno
If You Know What I’m Saying
So Let’s End This Man
Come On By Yeah

Gonna Let Out Some Of That Beer
If Drummer Ever Ends The Song
C’mon Man End The Song

Oh Praise The Lord
Hey Man Can Somebody Turn Off The Recorder Man
I Forgot Hahaha
Track Name: Ocho
I Am A Good Person
Hahahaha Yeah
Track Name: Blacker Than Black
Yeah Baby Glue Monsters Here 
How You Doing 

Man Some Dude Just Told Me 
That We Play Around Too Much In Our Songs
What Does That Guy Know Man

We’re Gonna Show You All That We Rock Man
We Can Be Serious 
We Mean This Stuff That We’re Saying
This Is Gonna Be A Dark Song Man
It’s Called Blacker Than Black

That Dude Don’t Know Us
Don’t Be Making Some Comments 
About What You Think We’re About
Shoot We Could Be Dark And Mad Too 
Just Like Everybody Else

Huh Drummer
Drummer Ain’t Paying Attention Man
He’s Too Busy Beating The Darkness 
Off With Them Sticks
So Now I Present To You 
The Dark Side Of The Glue Monsters

Blacker Than Black
All In My Head
It’s Dark In Here Don’t Try To Peak Baby
You’ll Be Better Off Dead

How Does That Sound Man
Does That Sound Like I’m Having A Good Time
I Don’t Think So

And It’s Getting Me Down
Gettting Me Down
I’m Getting Down
I’m Getting Down With You Baby

Yeah Let’s Get Down Baby
I Like The Way This Song Is Going Man Haha
Forget Blacker Than Black
This Is Gonna Be Called 
I’m Getting Down With My Baby
Haha Yeah

Oh Man What Am I Supposed To Do 
Not Have Any Fun Man
Listen Man We’re Playing Music
We’re Doing This For Ourselves Man
We’re Not Doing It For That Dude
Forget That Guy Man

He’s All Like Oh Man I Gotta Pay My Taxes
I Can’t Party All Night I Have To Work
I Gotta Be Faithful To My Wife And Stuff Man
What Is All That Stuff About Man
Who Needs That Stuff
Who Needs That Guy Man
Man Get Outta Here
Dude Down The Street With The Opinion Man

Hard I’ll Show You Hard
Nah Man I Don’t Mean It Like That
Although I Can Imagine The Surprised Look
On His Face If I Did
Hahaha Yeah Oh Damn

That Dude Don’t Know Nothing Man
He Don’t Know Glue Monsters
That’s For Sure
Right Drummer
Man Drummers In His Own World Right Now

Who Needs That Darkness
Who Needs Blacker Than Black
Or Whatever You Know Shoot Man
It’s All About Having A Good Time
As Far As I’m Concerned Yeah

It’s About My Baby Having A Good Time Too Man
That’s Why I’m Changing The Name Of The Song
Nah Maybe I Won’t
Blacker Than Black Is Stuck In My Head
And I Forgot What I Wanted To Change It To Anyways
So You Know What I’m Saying
I Think You Do
Maybe This Song Ain’t So Dark
But It’s Our Song Man We Do What We Want

Do Your Own Thing
That’s What I’m Doing Me And Drummer
We Do Our Own Thing Man
Cause We’re Blacker Than Black
I Suggest You All Do Your Own Thing Too Man
Who Cares About What Other People Think Man
Do Your Own Thing
It’s All About What You Want
You’re The Only One That’s Doing
That’s Been Living Your Life Man

Why Do You Have To Live
All Dark And Black And Stuff
Man There Ain’t Nothing At All Wrong
With Not Being All Black And Dark Man
To Tell You The Truth Man
I Think Darkness Is Afraid
Of Hanging Out With Me And Drummer Too Long
You Know What I’m Saying
Hahaha Yeah

You Hear That Darkness
We Know Your Little Secret
Hahahaha Yeah
Oh Man That Puts Darkness In Its Place Though
What’s Wrong Darkness
You Can’t Hang With The Big Boys
You Dark Black Bastard
Hahahaha Oh Man
Track Name: Wasted
Hey Man Glue Monsters Here
With A New One For Ya
I’m Gonna Talk A Little About
How My Time On This Planet
Sometimes Feels Like It’s Being Wasted
Nah Man, I’m Just Messing Around With You
It’s A Song About Getting Wasted
Hope You Like It Ha

Can’t Afford The Rent
My Money’s Always Spent
There’s None For Me
That’s The Truth Too Man

My Baby Wants A Ring
I Can’t Buy Her A Thing
With What I Have On Me
Cause What She Likes Ain’t Free

So I Get Wasted
Haha Yeah
Baby How Bout You
I’ll Be Wasting Away
Cause It’s All I Can Do It Keeps Me Sane

Playing With Glue
May Not Be For You
But It Sets Me Free
It Sets Drummer Free Too Man

I Sing This Song Instead
Explaining What’s In My Head
Next Time You Talk To Me
Maybe I Won’t Be Misread

I Am Wasted
Haha Yeah
Baby How Bout You
I’ll Be Wasting Away
Cause It’s All I Can Do It Keeps Me Sane
Yeah It Does Baby Haha

I Know You Think I’m Bad News
Yeah Well Maybe Sometimes I Am
But Not All The Time
I Would Guess That Sometimes I’m Pretty Cool
Why Don’t You Walk In Your Own Shoes
Man I Don’t Need Anyone Worrying About Me
Take Care Of Your Own Self Man
You Know What I’m Saying
But If You Wanna Share With Us Man
We’ll Share What We Have With You Man
Like Back In The Old Days
We Called That Partying
Hahaha You Know What I’m Saying
Yeah You Do Haha

Looks Like I Lost Again
And I Don’t Know When
I Last Won Anything At All
The Only Friends I Know
Are My Rock And Roll
And Drummer’s
Right There
Like A Grizzly Bear

I Get Wasted
Hahaha You Hear That Drummer
Ha I Said You’re Like A Grizzly Bear Hahaha
I’ll Be Wasting Away
Cause It’s The Only Way To Keep Me Sane
Haha Yeah Drummer How You Like That Song Man
It’s Pretty Cool Huh Man
Man Drummer Gets Wasted All The Time Man
Hard For Me To Keep Up With Him
Although I Do Have My Days
When I Am More Wasted Than Him
But That’s Rare
But When It Happens Man
I’m Right There On Top Of It
Haha Aww Man
We Have Some Fun Times Man
Tell Them Drummer
Aww Man He’s Playing The Drums
Never Mind
He’ll Tell Ya Later Haha Maybe
Let’s Get Crazy Yeah Wasted
Track Name: Candy For Jesus
Glue Monsters Here
Doing A Song About A Christian
Holiday Called Halloween
You See In The Old Days
A Young Jesus Went Door To Door In Search Of Candy
Those Who Didn’t Have Any
He’d Smite With Eggs And Toilet Paper Their House
A Tradition For All Kids
Who Think Of Jesus As A Role Model
So Here We Go
Hope You Like It Ha

Me And My Friend
Have Been Walking All Night
For Some Candy
Yeah Huh Drummer Ha Ha Yeah

Me And My Friend
Are High As A Kite
Give Us Candy
From That Sugar Rush Man

When I Knock Upon Your Door
My Only Purpose Is To Score
Some Peanut Butter Cups Ha Ha
Don’t Think That You Will Make Us Beg
You’ll Find Yourself Dressed Up In Egg

Ha Ha Yeah That Would Be Drummer
He Always Volunteers To Hang Back 
And Deliver The Tricks
You Know What I Mean Ha Ha Yeah

Me And My Friend
Have Been Walking All Night
We Love Candy
We Sure Do Man

I Wonder What Jesus Would Do
If I Take Your Candy I O U
He’d Probably Tell You It’s A Bummer
And Then He’d Signal Back To Drummer

With The Egg And Toilet Paper All Ready To Go
Knowing That Jesus Is Looking Down Upon
Him With A Smile
Hopefully Not With Too Many Cavities Though

Me And My Friend
Have Been Walking All Night
For Some Candy
We’re Always Out There On Halloween

I Hope I Get A Milky Way I Do Hope I Get One
Or Someone’s Gonna Have To Pay
Thank You Ma’am For Coming Through
You’re Safe This Year Cause Jesus Loves You
Ha Ha Yeah He Does

Before This Fine Tradition Started
Kids Had To Go Years Without Candy
Can You Imagine Going That Long
Without That Sugar Rush That Makes
You Feel So Good Inside
Man I Can’t
Then Jesus Came Around
And Changed All That
Thanks A Lot Man Ha Ha Yeah

Me And My Friend
Have Been Walking All Night
For Some Candy
Yeah We Have Ha Ha

Me And My Friend
Are High As A Kite
Give Us Candy
Man I Think That Sugar Has Something To Do With It

When I Knock Upon Your Door
Yeah I’m Talking To You
My Only Purpose Is To Score
Don’t Think That You Will Make Me Beg
I Do Enough Of That With My Baby
You’ll Find Yourself Dressed Up In Egg

Tell Them Drummer
How You Are In It To Win It Ha Ha

Me And My Friend
Have Been Walking All Night
For Some Candy
Yeah Man We Love Halloween

Me And My Friend
Are High As A Kite
Give Us Candy
Aww Man What Happened
I Messed Up Huh Ha Ha Ha
Oh Like That Doesn’t Happen Every Day Ha Ha Yeah

This Is Pretty Fun Huh Drummer
Aww Man He Ain’t Even Listening
He’s Too Busy Digging Into The
Hey Man We’re Supposed To Share That Man
C’mon Drummer
We Were Gonna Divide That Up At Home
Damn Drummer You Did This Last Halloween Too Man
At Least Unwrap The Damn Thing Man
Man He’s Got Chocolate Dripping Down
The Side Of His Mouth Man
I Can’t Stay Mad At A Face Looks Like That Ha Ha

We Got Candy For Jesus Yeah
Candy For Jesus
C’mon Drummer Sing You Know The Words
Candy For Jesus
C’mon Man I’m Just Saying Candy For Jesus
Candy For Jesus
C’mon Drummer Man You Never Participate In Nothing
Man Except For Eating All The Candy Ha Ha Ha

Yeah I Want To Thank Jesus 
For Coming Up With This Holiday
For Us To Celebrate
Thank You Jesus

Y’all Take Care And Enjoy Yourselves
This Halloween All Right
Candy For Jesus
Track Name: Silent Night
Hey Everybody!
This Is The Glue Monsters Remember Us?
Hahaha Yeah Baby!
Oh Man Everyone Is All About The Holidays Right Now
Man Me And Drummer We Don’t Celebrate The Holidays
We Aren’t Into The Whole Shopping Thing
And Besides That - We Were Asked Not To Go Back To Church
Man How Are We Supposed To Know
We’re Not Supposed To Brag About Our Confessions
Who Knew Well You Know

But Now We Got This Band Thing Going
We’re Starting To Think Beyond Ourselves
So This Is Our Gift To You Everybody
Hope You All Enjoy It
Let Me See If I Remember How This Goes

Silent Night
Oh Delight
All This Cause
God’s All Right
Arouse Those Virgins
And Mothers With Wine
Solely If It’s
So They Can Be Wild
Sleep With Whoever You Please
You’ll Be In Heaven You’ll See

Hahaha Yeah Baby
That Wasn’t So Bad
In Fact That Sounds Like A Nice Holiday Song
Man Makes Me Wanna Decorate The House Right Now
And We Gotta Make Sure That We Have Enough Wine
For The Ladies That We Should Invite Over
You Know What I’m Saying Drummer
Hahaha Yeah I Think You Do

Anyways, This Next Verse Is For Those Of You
Who Also Remember The Words To This Fine Holiday Song
So You Can Sing Along Too
So Come On Everyone
I Wanna Hear You Loud And Proud
The Louder You Are The Prouder You Make God
I Bet He’s Listening Right Now
So Come On Let’s Go

Silent Night
Oh Delight
All This Cause
God Is All Right
Arouse Those Virgins
And Mothers With Wine
Solely If It’s
So They Can Be Wild
Sleep With Whoever You Please
You’ll Be In Heaven You’ll See

Yeah Hope You All Enjoyed That
I Hope You Enjoy Your Holidays Too
Some Of You Ladies Out There
Will Be Getting A Call From Me And Drummer
For A Christmas Wine Tasting Party
So We’ll Be Talking With You Real Soon
Hahaha Yeah!
Happy Holidays Everyone
Track Name: You Know You Want It
hey baby it’s the glue monsters we’re back ha ha ha yeah aww man
anyways, we thought you might like to hear a song
since it’s been a while
so this one goes out to my neighbor
who’s always talking smack about me
and giving me dirty looks -
it doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out
you’ll see what i mean, here we go

you tell me that i’m never gonna get it
you tell your friends you think i’m rude
anybody can see babe you know you want it
that’s okay with me cause i want it too

i don’t know why you won’t just admit it
you’re the only one that’s gonna hurt
i’ll be here all night long when you’re ready
so you can help yourself to some dessert

now i know you know i know you know you want it
and you know i know that you know that it’s true
babe i know you know i know you really want it
babe it’s up to you now what you gonna do

so baby do you have a friend for drummer
even if it’s a dude i’m sure that he will do
we’ll party all night long until the morning
so babe it looks like now it’s up to you

those dirty looks don’t fool anyone baby!