Blacker Than Black

from by Glue Monsters

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Yeah Baby Glue Monsters Here 
How You Doing 

Man Some Dude Just Told Me 
That We Play Around Too Much In Our Songs
What Does That Guy Know Man

We’re Gonna Show You All That We Rock Man
We Can Be Serious 
We Mean This Stuff That We’re Saying
This Is Gonna Be A Dark Song Man
It’s Called Blacker Than Black

That Dude Don’t Know Us
Don’t Be Making Some Comments 
About What You Think We’re About
Shoot We Could Be Dark And Mad Too 
Just Like Everybody Else

Huh Drummer
Drummer Ain’t Paying Attention Man
He’s Too Busy Beating The Darkness 
Off With Them Sticks
So Now I Present To You 
The Dark Side Of The Glue Monsters

Blacker Than Black
All In My Head
It’s Dark In Here Don’t Try To Peak Baby
You’ll Be Better Off Dead

How Does That Sound Man
Does That Sound Like I’m Having A Good Time
I Don’t Think So

And It’s Getting Me Down
Gettting Me Down
I’m Getting Down
I’m Getting Down With You Baby

Yeah Let’s Get Down Baby
I Like The Way This Song Is Going Man Haha
Forget Blacker Than Black
This Is Gonna Be Called 
I’m Getting Down With My Baby
Haha Yeah

Oh Man What Am I Supposed To Do 
Not Have Any Fun Man
Listen Man We’re Playing Music
We’re Doing This For Ourselves Man
We’re Not Doing It For That Dude
Forget That Guy Man

He’s All Like Oh Man I Gotta Pay My Taxes
I Can’t Party All Night I Have To Work
I Gotta Be Faithful To My Wife And Stuff Man
What Is All That Stuff About Man
Who Needs That Stuff
Who Needs That Guy Man
Man Get Outta Here
Dude Down The Street With The Opinion Man

Hard I’ll Show You Hard
Nah Man I Don’t Mean It Like That
Although I Can Imagine The Surprised Look
On His Face If I Did
Hahaha Yeah Oh Damn

That Dude Don’t Know Nothing Man
He Don’t Know Glue Monsters
That’s For Sure
Right Drummer
Man Drummers In His Own World Right Now

Who Needs That Darkness
Who Needs Blacker Than Black
Or Whatever You Know Shoot Man
It’s All About Having A Good Time
As Far As I’m Concerned Yeah

It’s About My Baby Having A Good Time Too Man
That’s Why I’m Changing The Name Of The Song
Nah Maybe I Won’t
Blacker Than Black Is Stuck In My Head
And I Forgot What I Wanted To Change It To Anyways
So You Know What I’m Saying
I Think You Do
Maybe This Song Ain’t So Dark
But It’s Our Song Man We Do What We Want

Do Your Own Thing
That’s What I’m Doing Me And Drummer
We Do Our Own Thing Man
Cause We’re Blacker Than Black
I Suggest You All Do Your Own Thing Too Man
Who Cares About What Other People Think Man
Do Your Own Thing
It’s All About What You Want
You’re The Only One That’s Doing
That’s Been Living Your Life Man

Why Do You Have To Live
All Dark And Black And Stuff
Man There Ain’t Nothing At All Wrong
With Not Being All Black And Dark Man
To Tell You The Truth Man
I Think Darkness Is Afraid
Of Hanging Out With Me And Drummer Too Long
You Know What I’m Saying
Hahaha Yeah

You Hear That Darkness
We Know Your Little Secret
Hahahaha Yeah
Oh Man That Puts Darkness In Its Place Though
What’s Wrong Darkness
You Can’t Hang With The Big Boys
You Dark Black Bastard
Hahahaha Oh Man


from Gimme Some Glue, released October 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Glue Monsters Redondo Beach, California

We do like to drink, so we're not responsible for anything that anyone breaks while listening to us. Grow up man, and take responsibility for your own reactions to our tunes man. Hahahahaha, you should of seen the looks on your faces when you were reading that! HAHAHAHAHA!! ... more

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