Come On By

from by Glue Monsters

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We did this song for all of our friends. If you like us then you're our friends - this is for you! If you don't like us, then that's cool, cause this song wasn't meant for you in the first place. Hahaha! Yeah!


Haha Glue Monsters Here
How Are You Doing Hope You’re Doing Fine
Yeah We’re Doing All Right Man
We’re Gonna Do A Fast One For You Today Man
We’re Gonna Do It About Friends
About How They Like To Come By And Party
So Here We Go Hope You Like It
Here We Go Ha

My Friends They Like To Party
They Come By All The Time
Yeah They Do Huh Drummer
They Like To Drink A Lot
That’s Okay Cause So Do I Haha Yeah

So Come On By
Anytime Baby
So Come On By
Yeah What Do You Think Drummer
Pretty Good Huh Yeah
All Right Here’s The Next Verse Man

It Could Be Early Morning
It Could Be Late Afternoon
Man I Said Any Time Haha
Don’t Care If It’s The Middle Of The Night
It’s Not Too Late Or Too Soon
Haha Drummer You Hear That That Was Cool Man Huh

Don’t Mind If You Bring Your Sister
You Can Even Bring Your Mother Too
Haha Yeah Huh Drummer
Don’t Mind If You Bring Your Brother
Tell Him We Could Always Use Some Glue
Haha Yeah

Come On By
Don’t Be Shy
Come On By
If We’re Asleep We’ll Wake Up For You Baby
Come On By
Any Time
Come On By

Nah Man I Don’t Wanna Solo Right Now Man
I’m Having Too Much Fun Singing
You Know What I Mean Haha
Ah Man You Threw Me Off Man
Guitars And Drums Always Sound So Good
Right Drummer

He’s Not Even Paying Attention Right Now
It’s All Sticks And Hair Man
Sticks And Hair Flying Around Haha
Like A Wild Thing Man Haha
I Forgot Where We Were At In The Song
Oh All Right Here We Go

It’s Like The Fourth Of July
We Treat Every Day Like It’s The Fourth Of July
But The Whole Point Is To Come On By
So Come On By
That’s All We’re Getting At
Come On By
Yeah Come On By
Yeah I Think I’m Gonna Try That Guitar Solo Now
If You Don’t Mind
All Right Here We Go Haha

Ah Yeah
Haha This Is Fun Man
I Should Have Taken That Solo Earlier
Haha Man What Am I Doing
All Right Man Let’s Get Back To The Song All Right

Come On By
Hey Drummer Man
When I Was Doing That Solo
I Got An Urgent Call To Bring Out The Fire Hose
So Let’s End This Thing Man
Someone Dialed 911 For An Inferno
If You Know What I’m Saying
So Let’s End This Man
Come On By Yeah

Gonna Let Out Some Of That Beer
If Drummer Ever Ends The Song
C’mon Man End The Song

Oh Praise The Lord
Hey Man Can Somebody Turn Off The Recorder Man
I Forgot Hahaha


from Gimme Some Glue, released October 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Glue Monsters Redondo Beach, California

We do like to drink, so we're not responsible for anything that anyone breaks while listening to us. Grow up man, and take responsibility for your own reactions to our tunes man. Hahahahaha, you should of seen the looks on your faces when you were reading that! HAHAHAHAHA!! ... more

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