Get Away From Me Dude

from by Glue Monsters

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Hey Out There It’s Glue Monsters Again
How Ya Doing Haha Yeah
I’m Sure You’re Doing Fine

Anyways Me And Drummer Are Sitting Around
Talking About Losing Our Tempers Telling Stories
Man You Gotta Hear Some Of His Stories Hahaha
I Don’t See How This Guy’s Outta Jail
You Know What I’m Saying
Right Drummer
That Guy Cracks Me Up When He’s Mad
Anyways A Song About Losing Your Temper
We All Do It
Some Of Us Do It Better Than Others
Right Drummer

Haha It Cracks Me Up Every Time
Anyways Here We Go
A Song About Losing Your Temper

Get Away From Me
I’m Not In The Mood
Don’t Come Around Me Right Now
Get Away From Me Dude
Haha That’s A Cool Rhyme Huh Drummer

Stay Away From Me Right Now Maybe Tomorrow
Or Find Yourself In A World Of Sorrow You Will

My Drummer Come Around Your House
To See If You’re Home
And If You Are
He’s Knocking Your Dome

I’ve Seen Him Do It Too Man
He’s Bad He’s A Mad Man
Man You Shoulda Seen Him The Other Night
He Had These Three Guys In A Headlock
And He Was Like Rubbing There Heads All Together
It Was Like A Three Stooges Marathon
He Did That For Like Ten Minutes
Then The Cops Came We Had To Run Off
That Was Fun
But I’m Telling You Man That Guy Is Crazy
Where Were We Yeah

I Don’t Like How You’ve Been Around Me
When You’re Straight
You Act Like A Sticks Up Your Butt
You Act Like You’re Great

Man You Ain’t Great Haha
You Just Think You Are
Man Cause You Don’t Drink And Stuff
When We’re All
Man Why Don’t You Come On Down And Party With Us
It’s Like
No I Gotta Go To Work Tomorrow
It’s Like
Man What’s With The Job Man
Why Don’t You Quit That Thing Man
You Don’t Get To Party No More Like The Old Days
Then You’re All
Oh Man I Got A Family
It’s Like
Oh Man What’s That About
I Got A Family
I Got A Family
You Don’t See Me Hanging Out With Them
Hahaha Yeah

Man After A Conversation Like That
How Can You Not Be Mad Man
Some People You Just Can’t Reason With
Well You Know

Don’t Make Me Have To Tell You Again
Or The Next Time You See Me It’ll Be In The Pen
But I Know Some People There Too So That’s Cool
I Just Don’t Wanna See Them Again
For A Little While Anyways
Not Until I’m Real Old Like 95 Or Something
Like I Was Like They Say You Got A Month To Live
And I Was Like Okay I’ll Go Visit My Friends In The Pen
That’s More Like When I’ll See Ya


from Gimme Some Glue, released October 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Glue Monsters Redondo Beach, California

We do like to drink, so we're not responsible for anything that anyone breaks while listening to us. Grow up man, and take responsibility for your own reactions to our tunes man. Hahahahaha, you should of seen the looks on your faces when you were reading that! HAHAHAHAHA!! ... more

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