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Hey Man Glue Monsters Here
With A New One For Ya
I’m Gonna Talk A Little About
How My Time On This Planet
Sometimes Feels Like It’s Being Wasted
Nah Man, I’m Just Messing Around With You
It’s A Song About Getting Wasted
Hope You Like It Ha

Can’t Afford The Rent
My Money’s Always Spent
There’s None For Me
That’s The Truth Too Man

My Baby Wants A Ring
I Can’t Buy Her A Thing
With What I Have On Me
Cause What She Likes Ain’t Free

So I Get Wasted
Haha Yeah
Baby How Bout You
I’ll Be Wasting Away
Cause It’s All I Can Do It Keeps Me Sane

Playing With Glue
May Not Be For You
But It Sets Me Free
It Sets Drummer Free Too Man

I Sing This Song Instead
Explaining What’s In My Head
Next Time You Talk To Me
Maybe I Won’t Be Misread

I Am Wasted
Haha Yeah
Baby How Bout You
I’ll Be Wasting Away
Cause It’s All I Can Do It Keeps Me Sane
Yeah It Does Baby Haha

I Know You Think I’m Bad News
Yeah Well Maybe Sometimes I Am
But Not All The Time
I Would Guess That Sometimes I’m Pretty Cool
Why Don’t You Walk In Your Own Shoes
Man I Don’t Need Anyone Worrying About Me
Take Care Of Your Own Self Man
You Know What I’m Saying
But If You Wanna Share With Us Man
We’ll Share What We Have With You Man
Like Back In The Old Days
We Called That Partying
Hahaha You Know What I’m Saying
Yeah You Do Haha

Looks Like I Lost Again
And I Don’t Know When
I Last Won Anything At All
The Only Friends I Know
Are My Rock And Roll
And Drummer’s
Right There
Like A Grizzly Bear

I Get Wasted
Hahaha You Hear That Drummer
Ha I Said You’re Like A Grizzly Bear Hahaha
I’ll Be Wasting Away
Cause It’s The Only Way To Keep Me Sane
Haha Yeah Drummer How You Like That Song Man
It’s Pretty Cool Huh Man
Man Drummer Gets Wasted All The Time Man
Hard For Me To Keep Up With Him
Although I Do Have My Days
When I Am More Wasted Than Him
But That’s Rare
But When It Happens Man
I’m Right There On Top Of It
Haha Aww Man
We Have Some Fun Times Man
Tell Them Drummer
Aww Man He’s Playing The Drums
Never Mind
He’ll Tell Ya Later Haha Maybe
Let’s Get Crazy Yeah Wasted


from Gimme Some Glue, released October 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Glue Monsters Redondo Beach, California

We do like to drink, so we're not responsible for anything that anyone breaks while listening to us. Grow up man, and take responsibility for your own reactions to our tunes man. Hahahahaha, you should of seen the looks on your faces when you were reading that! HAHAHAHAHA!! ... more

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